American Landscape Artist 

Artist Statement

I am interested in the ever-changing, shrinking landscape around me.  After capturing the essence of a particular place with my camera, I translate the image to canvas via charcoal, turp, varnish, stand oil, and pigments.  Although I like to name place my paintings, they more than likely convey a feeling rather than place recognition.  As I get lost in the process of painting, my work in the final analysis is about paint and the application thereof.

Many of the landscapes I have painted have changed immensely. A cow pasture in Connecticut no longer has cows. That bucolic scene has surrendered to new home and landscape expansion. Other scenic routes in Virginia and Maryland have changed due to road widening projects. Climate change has added to the ever-evolving landscape by floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural and human disasters.  Just as our lives are in flux, so, too, is the landscape.

The Hudson River Valley artists left a record of the 19th century landscape, and I continue in that lineage recording the landscapes of my time.  My paintings are a historical permanent account of the 21st century landscape and the emotional connection we have with our environment.


H. K. Anne, American Landscape Artist

Taos, New Mexico, Oil on Canvas, 60 X 72

"Perhaps this is for lack of a better word but H.K. Anne’s paintings were impressionist — large scale, but intricate and emotive scenery.  It sounds like something we’ve seen a million times before, but this was assuredly special. They contained an impacting beauty and an excellence of skill."

Jane Potthast, Gallery Review: TheWorkhouse Arts Center

The Pink Project, July 7, 2013